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Windows and Doors


Duplicate smallholder's room window inserted in east elevation facing Lenchwick Lane. October 2021


View of duplicate windows and door in east and north elevations


Duplicate upper hayloft door and lower combined stable window and vent in north elevation. October 2021




A hovel formally owned by Robert Bryd of Alfred Byrd and Son. Photo, February 2011. View of a stable door hinge: A simple design but well proportioned and fetching to the eye. Regrettably this door was deliberately severely damaged to obtain access and the hinges have subsequently been removed








A different Hovel to the above: Photo 1. shows main door from inside the larger room. Photo 2. shows original stable door viewed from inside the stable. This stable door was deliberately damaged for access. Being beyond economic repair it was replaced by a simpler design



Bryd_hovel_2_stable_window_inside bryd_hovel_2_Stable_window Bryd_hovel_2_stable_window_external



First photo shows window position far left and is viewed from within the stable, see hay rack upper right. Second photo shows upper right of stable window in situ, showing remains of a plane of glass and joinery surround. Viewpoint is from within the hove'ls later Lean-to building addition. The viewpoint is from what would have been originally the outside of the building. Third photo shows window, found top and middle of photo, from outside stable and viewed from within present Lean-to building.