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The repaired and recently reinstalled gates to the former Duke of Orleans residence on the then Wood Norton Estate.

Hovel 2002. Hovel with ivy removed revealing the privy addition and Lean-to building



First two photos taken 2002 shows the hovel enveloped in ivy, the later addition of the Lean to building is visible. Photos 3 and 4 with ivy removed. Photo 3 shows hovel without the privy addition.

It is thought in 1880 an area of the Duke of Orleans' Wood Norton Estate was put to the creation of a number of six acre smallholdings. This area was found within the locality of Chadbury, Lenchwick and Greenhill, north-west of Evesham, see aerial location photo January 1945. A number of Smallholder's hovels were erected on some of these smallholdings, possibly numbering 22 overall. When the Wood Norton Estate was sold in 1920, the Smallholders were then given the opportunity to purchase the freehold to their six acre small holding. These hovels may have been built at the same time and in unison, as regards the employment of craftsmen, with the erection of a number of brick built dwellings for workers to the Wood Norton Estate. These dwellings were placed about the estate and within the grounds of the Duke of Orleans' residence. These brick dwellings followed the brickwork pattern known as Flemish Garden Bond, the same bond as seen in the brickwork to the hovels.