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Present Condition




October 2021. The shelter hovel showing a duplicate window poistioned in the east elevation and a duplicate hayloft door and lower stable window and vent in the north elevation.





April 2020

Timber gable and east elevations boarded with English Larch featheredge boards, newly laid headging seen in both back and foregrounds and laid following the Midland Style method or otherwise known as the Bullock Style. This method of laying provides a most resilient barrier to livestock. Apertures within the timber gable boarding following internal studwork walling, will be opened for the first storey hayloft door and ground floor stable window once these features are completed. For information as regards hedge laying visit: www.hedgelaying.org.uk



Hedge laying, April 2021

Laid hedging north along Lenchwick Lane, north of the hovel.



Hovel_1_ Ply_ timber_gable

August 2018